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Spending Review - Orlando Bisegna Index

The spending review is the set of complex actions, difficult to implement, which has as its aim improving the efficiency of managing public expenses by carefully analysing the different items of expenses.

In order to identify concrete applicable solutions, we examine:

  • Cuts to education, health care, public transport, justice or defence for economic reasons
  • Cuts to tax expenditures
  • Index of tax increases and simultaneous spending cuts (fiscal cliff)
  • Job cuts to public service employees and/or public service employee salary cuts
  • Increase of retirement age
  • Lowering of tax-free threshold
  • Cuts, increase freezes or cost of living adjustment freezes to pensions
  • Partial or total freeze on new hires and/or salary increases for public service employees
  • Reduction or abolition of allowances, bonuses or severance packages
  • Cuts to financial assistance for workers who have lost their jobs or have remained unpaid
  • Cuts to local government budgets
  • Cuts to research, environmental conservation or cultural heritage
  • Index of public investments