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GDP - Orlando Bisegna Index

The value of the gross domestic product is by far the data which best measures the economic situation of a nation. Despite some of its criticized descriptive limitations, it is the most widely used reference indicator also used by the financial markets.

In particular we analyse:

  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • Industrial production
  • Business credit crunch
  • Trend of financial markets
  • Factory orders
  • Index of the expectations of businesses in the short term
  • Index of the propensity of entrepreneurs to make new investments
  • Productivity and costs
  • Capacity utilisation (level of the capacity utilisation of production facilities)
  • Measure of producer price
  • Measure of core producer price (producer price excluding food and energy)
  • Balance of trade
  • Business closures
  • New business start-ups
  • Business profit
  • Payment times by public administration or authorities to businesses
  • Inflation/deflation
  • Measure of consumer confidence
  • Retail sales
  • Measure of core retail sales (retail sales excluding automobile and fuel sales)
  • Personal consumption spending
  • Core personal consumption spending (personal consumption spending excluding food and energy)
  • Household credit crunch
  • Household net financial wealth
  • New vehicle sales for household use
  • New vehicle sales as company cars or for car rental businesses
  • Amount of the average receipt from supermarkets and superstores
  • Quantity of fuel sales at pumps
  • Trend of demand for mortgages
  • Index of public investments
  • Foreign investments
  • Decrease in work activity on a national level due to extreme weather
  • Environmental and natural disaster and calamities
  • Unemployment rate
  • People who are economically inactive without specifying why
  • People who are economically inactive due to lack of work
  • Measure of employment