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Orlando Bisegna Index

The core of our work is made up of the Orlando Bisegna Index, which expresses the total measure of the economic crisis existing in each of the countries analysed, upon request from each country, by using a value on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being the null level of the crisis intensity and 100 the maximum level. Such an index is defined as a composite index and is the result obtained from a whopping 206 component indicators. The Orlando Bisegna Index allows us to statistically evaluate a complex multidimensional situation and is therefore elaborated starting with the system of indicators which we have subdivided into four groups:

  • crisis specific
  • households, sales, prices, taxes
  • businesses, production, banks, real estate
  • employment, income, wages, poverty

The methodology of calculation of the Orlando Bisegna Index is based on a system of weights which use the values of the 206 indicators which in turn make up the calculation basket. In fact the resulting value from the statistical surveys of each indicator, suitably converted into the same unit of measurement for all the indicators of the system, is multiplied by a predetermined specific weight, particular to each indicator. The values obtained from such multiplications are therefore used as elements making up the calculation basket of the Orlando Bisegna Index.

In the calculations and experimentations of the Orlando Bisegna Index we had to take into consideration that the data of some indicators excludes, in the phase of calculation, the presence of data of other indicators and vice versa.

Our indicators are identified as constitutive in that they concur together in defining the economic crisis, which is the object of study. Further they are divided into single indicators and synthetic indicators (obtained from aggregations of single indicators that are also homogeneous) in addition they qualify as concomitant because they present among themselves a relationship of dependence and measure phenomena ensuing from a common cause.

Many of our component indicators are a new concept and represent statistical economic novelties; they have been specifically created and experimented for the Orlando Bisegna Index. These indicators prove to be detailed, specific, selective and attentive to the new macro-economic realities, new realities of the market, public finance and citizens' lifestyle. The entire system of indicators has been carried out to try to survey all the problems, difficulties and needs of the people due to the economic crisis.