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Our Mission

We believe that in order to deal with and try to resolve the economic crisis, it is first necessary to examine and measure it. After all when a good doctor is faced with a patient who has a serious illness, they try to get as many elements and signs as possible about the illness, they try to examine every aspect, analysing the various features with an aim to precisely and thoroughly reach a diagnosis. The good doctor knows that the more complete the diagnosis the greater the possibility of applying the proper treatment.

In much the same way as we compare the current economic crisis to a serious illness, the Orlando Bisegna Index has undertaken the difficult task of measuring and examining the crisis in detail so as to find a complete diagnosis.

We believe that our work is a starting point and a tool to help those who try daily to deal with the crisis. By using our work methods we try to and will continue to try to help the various institutions around the world, who turn to us, to define objectives, priorities, programmes and support networks that may lead to a sought after solution to the economic crisis. In addition we feel that our results are useful to all those who suffer and live with the crisis: the unemployed, workers, office workers, managers, entrepreneurs, merchants, students, retirees, mothers, fathers and children.