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Tax Rate - Orlando Bisegna Index

Tax pressure/rate which is too high impedes economic growth. By measuring tax pressure we generally get an average value, however it has been found that in a given nation, some taxpayer categories have a taxation level that is much higher than that which is obtained.  

We examine in detail: 

  • Total tax pressures
  • Real estate taxes
  • Local and municipal taxes
  • Taxes on luxury goods
  • Increase of VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Index of tax increases and simultaneous spending cuts (fiscal cliff)
  • Cuts to tax expenditures
  • Introduction of extraordinary, emergency or solidarity taxes due to the economic situation
  • Lowering of tax-free threshold
  • Funds pulled by the government from its citizens' bank accounts
  • Index of missed payments of taxes and fines on cars, motorcycles and scooters
  • Business profit
  • Business total tax burden
  • Index of black economy
  • Disposable income