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Fiscal Crisis - Orlando Bisegna Index

The fiscal crisis is only on appearance one that regards public finances in nations in danger of financial distress, actually it is a very problematic situation that can easily have repercussions on the citizens, businesses, and even on essential services leading to a dangerously negative economic spiral.  

We examine in detail: 

  • Late, missed payments or payment in instalments of salaries to public service employees due to the economic situation
  • Missed payment of pensions due to the economic situation
  • Lack of availability of essential medicines, health care services, materials and personnel for economic reasons
  • Economic difficulties of local governments
  • Local government defaults
  • Cuts to local government budgets
  • Cuts to financial assistance for workers who have lost their jobs or have remained unpaid
  • Cuts to research, environmental conservation or cultural heritage
  • Index of tax increases and simultaneous spending cuts (fiscal cliff)
  • Job cuts to public service employees and/or public service employee salary cuts
  • Cuts to tax expenditures
  • Sovereign default
  • Sovereign bailout
  • Sovereign debt restructuring
  • Level of costs of public debt financing
  • Public debt as a percentage of GDP, level of deficit or surplus
  • Total tax pressures
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product)