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Economic Growth - Orlando Bisegna Index

A good economic growth must be the primary objective of the economic policy of a nation. In addition to being a real means for the well being of the citizens, it is often essential in order to avoid the risks of economic instability for the nation.

In order to identify possible constructive stimuli, we examine:

  • Household purchasing power
  • Measure of consumer confidence
  • Demand for household credit
  • Household net financial wealth
  • Total tax pressures
  • Level of costs of public debt financing
  • Public debt as a percentage of GDP, level of deficit or surplus
  • Financial and commercial interdependence with countries that have been hardest hit by the economic crisis
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • Industrial production
  • Trend of financial markets
  • Factory orders
  • Index of the expectations of businesses in the short term
  • Index of the propensity of entrepreneurs to make new investments
  • Capacity utilisation (level of the capacity utilisation of production facilities)
  • Level of construction spending
  • Index of public investments
  • Foreign investments
  • Unemployment rate
  • Gap between wages and cost of living
  • Disposable income
  • Help wanted Ads
  • Immigration rate
  • Poverty index