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Default - Orlando Bisegna Index

Historically there have been numerous cases of sovereign default. The effects inevitably fall on the nation's whole economic system, greatly reducing consumer activity, increasing unemployment, and causing the widespread phenomena of economic instability.

In order to prevent a similar event or at least to reduce its consequences, we examine in detail:

  • Level of costs of public debt financing
  • Public debt as a percentage of GDP, level of deficit or surplus
  • Sovereign default
  • Sovereign bailout
  • Sovereign debt restructuring
  • Bank bailouts
  • Strict surveillance of public finances of the country by international organizations, supranational institutions or by other countries
  • Burden sharing or other means of committing economically to bailouts of other countries
  • Economic difficulties of local governments
  • Local government defaults
  • Bailout of local governments
  • Adoption of a new national currency due to the economic crisis
  • Devaluation of national currency
  • Inflation/deflation
  • Level of banking crisis
  • Bursting of property bubble
  • Non-performing loans
  • Index of bank withdrawals by residents
  • Index of bank withdrawals by non-residents