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About Us

Experts on the Economic Crisis. The highest level of our commitment is the Orlando Bisegna Index, whose name comes from its conceiver and maker Orlando Bisegna, thanks to his dedication, tenacity and exceptional international work experiences, has been able to give substance to an enormous and complex statistical economic project. Our index manages to detect all the facets of the economic crisis as it is obtained by joining indicators capable of meticulously covering a multitude of problems; ranging from sovereign bailout to households in economic hardship; from contagion of the banking crisis to the price of fuel at the pumps, from industrial production to meals given out at soup kitchens.

Careful to maintain objectivity and independence, we endeavour to pay extreme attention to the analysis of economic difficulties for common people. We deem that our system of indicators identifies existing problems, clearly specifying them, rapidly signals the existence of new complications, identifying major critical points and measuring various changes. It evaluates eventual progresses and strategic performances; it provides accurate and precise information so as to illustrate the condition of the crisis phenomenon.